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At PTG we are customer centric. Ensuring your business success is our top priority

Making the most of today’s fast growing technologies, PTG works with businesses to adapt, grow, and find productive ways to keep your solutions relevant.  We’ll review your current infrastructure, and provide custom options on how to make a better tomorrow for your company, employees, and bottom line.  With you at the center of all decisions, we build a trust relationship for years to come.


Our technicians are customer service champions first!

Bringing new technology and resources to your business may seem overwhelming. To ensure you are at ease, we’ll listen to your history, answer all questions, and guide you to see the light at the end of your project.


Our skills working in your favor …

Progressive Technologies Group, Ltd. (PTG) was
established in 2014 by colleagues with over 30 years of combined experience in the IT services industry. As an alternative to managed services which charge monthly rates on top of hourly services, PTG offers a pay as you go approach with service agreements made to save you money; not pay for ‘phantom’ services usually handled by automated programs.


Because to Move Forward means recycling e-waste!

In Feb 2014, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) released their e-waste findings. They report, the U.S. generated 3.412 million tons of e-waste of which only 1 million tons or 29.2% was recycled in 2012. Though this amount is up from the 25% recycled in 2011, we at PTG want to keep the numbers rising. We work with local electronic recycling agencies to ensure the proper handling of all e-waste. PTG customers may transfer their end of life cycle electronics to us. We will ensure their proper recycling at no cost. Working together, we can keep lead, cadmium, mercury and other hazardous wastes from ending up in our landfills and environment!


No two businesses are alike, yet we all share a common goal: efficient systems to meet customer expectations.

PTG represents a variety of industries such as medical & legal, manufacturing & retail, entertainment & e-commerce. Technology is exponentially changing and we are capable of adapting that technology to fit your requirements. We understand business, IT systems and telecommunications; as well as how they all tie together and allow for more effective solutions for you. We believe reliable technology means happy professionals, which yield loyal customers.

Disaster Recovery

Because the unforeseen events which negatively affect your business are only a matter of WHEN. From natural disasters to equipment failure or cyber attacks; we’ll build you a Progressive system.

Capital Saving Bundles

Not ready to hire an in-house tech? We can be there, only when you need us and help you SAVE. We offer competitive pricing on all agreements.

Project Management

From initiation to planning, executing and monitoring, we bring all the pieces together with you at the center of all DECISIONS. Contact us with your next project requirements.

Time Saving Service

Waiting for the right professional doesn’t have to be complicated. We are knowledgable and will get to the root of your issue EFFICIENTLY. Call us today for your free assessment.


Because technology is complicated enough, we speak to you without the jargon, answer all your questions, and offer expert ADVICE. Ask us anything tech!

Optimized Uptime

For businesses to function at their best, the technology must also be running at its peak. PTG specializes in optimized system PERFORMANCE. We make the best of your equipment.

Network Security

Preventing system access to unauthorized parties is paramount for a SUCCESSFUL organization. With the right software, hardware and Progressive administrator, intrusions can be blocked.

Quality of Service

Your trust in our service is a top priority. We provide quality SOLUTIONS to bring you peace of mind. Let us be your Progressive support.